Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Family Photos

I always love family picture day.  It never seems like anyone is cooperating and then these happen.  I don't know how they always capture the shot.  I was there and I know how impatient my children were being. The weather was great but it was a touch windy.  Downtown Brenham was beautiful and there was a gorgeous sunset behind us as we drove home.  
No ice cream this visit but we will be back.

Thank you Kathlyn Dragna Photography!  We love them all!

Sunday, May 13, 2018

Happy Mother's Day

I love recreating this pic each year.


The kids and I went to church but Daddy had to go to work.

The mother killdeer is back with four more eggs.  We've been checking on her each Sunday.

It was so nice outside so we got out and got wet for awhile.

Happy Mother's Day!  
Couldn't be a better job in the world!

April in a Nutshell

April was pretty much soccer, soccer and more soccer.  But we did start the month off with a nice, quiet birthday celebration.  I guess each candle is worth ten now (plus 1).  Daddy made taco salad for dinner and a yummy birthday cake!

The twins had their first grade play this month - E-I-E-I-Oops!  Christian tried out for a speaking part and was one of the sheep.  Julianna did not want a speaking part at all and so she was sure to let me know each day that she did not audition.  She was a goat with her class.

They both did an awesome job!  They are still singing the songs at home.

video coming soon

They also did a great job on their food chain projects.

Julianna's owl rock.

Christian's shark rock.

We had a couple visits from the tooth fairy this month.  #7 and #8 for this guy.  
He lost number 8 at school.

spring pictures

 April started off very chilly.  The first three soccer games were actually cold.  Our strawberry plant seemed to like it though.

This was game four, at the end of the month.  This was the first warm weekend.  

Emerson was team captain.

We are at the soccer fields for a long time!  This is how we pass the time.