Monday, September 4, 2017

Happy 7th Birthday Twinlings

Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday!
They ended up having the week off for their birthday thanks to Hurricane Harvey.
They opened a few presents first thing Thursday morning.

From Emerson

From Emerson
Emerson did her own birthday shopping this year and was excited to give her presents.

Julianna called them "twinlings"
Lunch at Pie 5 by default.  There were only a few places back open after the flooding.
Not to be forgotten.  She's learned to cross her eyes.

Birthday dinner

Someone gave himself a black eye.  Not sure how but he ran into the wall on the way to the restroom.  That's my boy.

The Tooth Fairy Braved the Hurricane

Emerson lost her second bottom tooth the night Hurricane Harvey hit.

Hurricane Harvey

We got notice on Thursday evening, August 24th, that there wouldn't be school on Friday to prep for the storm.

Jimmy ran to the store while we were at school on Thursday and it wasn't too bad but by Friday - look out.

Nothing really happened here on Friday but we slept downstairs just in case and watched the storms track.


It started raining Saturday morning around 5:30 and just wouldn't stop.  The storm was huge!  By Saturday night around 7:30 it was really heavy. There were so many tornado warnings.  I think they said 156 total warnings issued.

We slept downstairs until Wednesday night and kept our eyes on the flooding.

Our street never got full but our rain boots did.

When we went on a walk on Tuesday it was finally letting up.  The sun even made an appearance Tuesday late afternoon.

We gauged the rain in our backyard under the pergola so the totals may not be exact rainfall.
Saturday - 4 inches
overnight - 5 1/4 inches
Sunday -  8 inches
overnight - 4 inches
Monday - 3 1/2 inches
Tuesday - 2 inches

26 3/4 inches total.

Lots of areas were 35-50 inches so we were very lucky to have stayed as dry as we did.  They were calling it a century flood, then a 500 year flood and the other day we heard a 10,000 year flood.