Friday, June 16, 2017

5 Year Check Up and a Surprise

Everyone went to Emerson's check up because Julianna was going to get her ears pierced.  Emerson was going to see how it went to decide if she wanted her ears pierced as well.  Julianna couldn't go through with it but Emerson did it.  
She was very brave and didn't cry until the second earring went in.

The next morning...earrings and crazy hair for VBS.

Summer Kick Off

They all had a mini bedroom make over.  Emerson's lights from Aunt Nancy.

Playing outside and playtime with Hunter.

The summer of Moana.  We are watching her everywhere.

 Hair cuts and styles.

Lots of snow cones/slushes.

Playing with lots of new birthday toys.

Art classes at home.

And a week of VBS!
Already a busy summer.

Emerson's Paw Patrol Birthday Party

Make a Wish

We love you!

Last Day of School

We went to Tupe Tortilla to celebrate the last day of school and Emerson's birthday one more time.

Happy Birthday peanut!