Friday, July 7, 2017

Happy Fourth of July

We went to Papa's house on the third of July to celebrate and watch fireworks.  Hunter and Mason were outside fishing.  Thanks to Kevin, this was our first time to "fish".

 Let the fireworks begin!

On the fourth, we got up and had patriotic pancakes.  Then we hung out the rest of the day.  We learned to play Battleship and made a blanket fort.

I also got started scrapbooking my next year.  Only 5 1/2 behind.

I + O + W + A

= lots of cousin time on the farm and some of our favorite things.

Most of the tractors are gone now (wiping tears here) but there is still the lawn mower and a new UTV.

It was very windy!

Time to pod peas!  They took turns working but everyone was eating.

 They do all the same things we did when we were little - and we didn't even tell them.
Sitting on the rock

side walk chalk

Playing in the yard

Tadpoles in the fish pool.

Playing on the porch.

 Lots of good meals together - breakfast, lunch and dinner/supper.

 And some down time with movies.

The corn is not ready yet...

but the black raspberries are.

The house is looking good.  It will get a new foundation this summer.

This year was special because we had the Moore family reunion at the timber so there were lots and lots of cousins from multiple generations.

Water balloons

Slack line

Beading class
Hot dog roast
We slept outside at grammy's house for two nights.  The first night went great.  The second night it started raining at 3:00.  Mom helped me move all five kids into the living room.  Then it stopped raining.  Go figure.

On our last day the kids wanted to swim in the icy cold water and the peas were ready again - darn you peas!

swim snack

This is how you lay out and don't get a burn.

Until we meet again.